STARS - Alpha Book Club uses the following rating system - the star rating system is based on content, story structure, accuracy of blurb, emotional reaction of reviewer, editing, grammar, character development, plot, and resolution.
  • 1 Star - This is a book that I did not finish or I think needs a major revamp
  • 2 Star - This book needs work but overall I was able to follow the story.  It is lacking in one or more of the following: editing, plot, pacing, character development, supporting characters, theme or grammar. The blurb is inaccurate or misleading. The book is advertised as a standalone when really it is a part of a series that must be read or the book is advertised as a complete story when really it is a cliffhanger.
  • 3 Star - This book meets standard with editing, grammar, plot and pacing; however character development including supporting characters was limited and some scenes felt lacking in detail or too brief.
  • 4 Star - This book meets all 3 star standards in regard to editing, grammar, plot and pacing; in addition, the blurb is accurate and the book is categorized correctly in regards to standalone/cliffhanger. This is a book that holds the reader's attention from beginning to end.
  • 4.5 Star - This book meets all standards of story development. The book has a solid theme, the plot is fully developed, the pacing is accurate and realistic, any time jumps are identified and explained.  In addition,  the blurb is accurate and does not mislead the purchaser.  This story has a solid conflict, conflict climax, and  complete conflict resolution. The supporting characters add to the story, the descriptions in the book are realistic and paint a vivid picture in the reader's mind. The author has written in-depth material that allows the reader to make inferences about situations and plot development.
  • 5 Star - This book excels in all areas and is a book that could be considered a leader of it's genre. This is a perfect book.

HEAT - we use a scale of 1-5 when rating the sexual intensity of a story.
  • Level 1-  No sexual encounters and/or the encounter is abstractly mentioned with no details
  • Level 2 - Sexual encounters included, very basic details would be considered PG
  • Level 3 - Sexual encounters are more detailed and there are some detailed encounters, equal to Rated R
  • Level 4 - Sexual encounters are frequent & detailed - may include more risqué encounters such as ménage, BDSM or other sex play - all consensual. Equal to NC 17/Adult/NR
  • Level 5 - Sexual encounters make up a large part of the book, they are very detailed.  May include content that is disturbing to others such as noncon play or actual noncon, degradation, sex slaves, human trafficking, or incest. Level 5 would be equal to XXX rating and may be offensive to some readers.

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