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Melissa's Must Haves - Sales & New Releases

Melissa’s Must  Have's

Sales and New Releases


Current Sales

Losing Control (Entangled Brazen) (Babysitting A Billionaire Book 1) by Nina Croft
 - A Contemporary Romance   

He's the only man she didn't see coming...

Four years after escaping her abusive ex-husband, Kim finally believes she’s in control of her life and her emotions and she's determined to never risk either again with a man. She has a great home, a job as a security specialist which she loves, and Jake for a best friend. But things are a tad lonely in the sex department, so she decides to embark on a no-strings-affair with one of her hot co-workers. And who better to help her remember how to lure a man than her best friend? 

Jake has wanted Kim from the moment he first saw her, but four years ago, she was too young and too damaged. So he kept her close and he kept her safe, offering her a job in his security company and the training to feel safe again, and he bided his time. But now, after the long wait, if she imagines he’s going to stand by while she seduces some other guy... 

Never going to happen.
Currently on sale for $0.99, sale ends June 7th

Furbidden by Kate Kent - BBW Shapeshifter Romance
 --Currently on sale for $0.99

Noble Cause: A Civil War Love Story 
by Jessica James 
(Winner of 5 Literary Awards) 
 Victorian, Historical Romance            
Currently on sale for $2.99

Manic-A Memoir by Terri Cheney 
- Biographies & Memoir
   Currently on sale for $1.99

Her Knight In Black Leather

 by J.M Stewart - Contemporary Romance
  Currently on sale for $2.83, or Free with Kindle Unlimited

Sweet Talk Boxed Set 
(Ten NEW Contemporary Romances by Best-Selling Authors to Benefit Diabetes Research) Featured authors Brenda Novak, Melody Anne, Violet Duke, Melissa Foster, Gina L. Maxwell, Linda Lael Miller, Sherryl Woods, Steena Holmes, Rosalind James, Molly O’Keefe, Nancy Naigle, Robyn Carr        Currently on sale for $9.99

Sweet Dreams Boxed Set
 (Thirteen NEW Thrillers by Best-Selling Authors to Benefit Diabetes Research) Featured Authors Brenda Novak, Allison Brennan, Cynthia Eden, JT Ellison, Lilliana Hart, Alex Vega, CJ Lyons, Carla Neggers, Theresa Ragan, Erica Spindler, Jo Robertson, Tiffany Snow, Lee Child          Currently on sale for $9.99

Sweet Seductions Boxed Set
 (Thirteen NEW Erotic Romances by Authors to Benefit Diabetes Research)  Featured Authors Lexi Blake, Mari Carr, JS Cooper, Nicole Edwards, Karen Erickson, Megan Hart, J. Kenner, Julia Kent, Elisabeth Grace, Lauren Hawkeye, Nina Lane, Roni Loren, Avery Aster, Lisa Renee Jones            Currently on sale $9.99

Hardwired: The Hacker Series #1
 by Meredith Wild - Women’s Fiction            Currently on sale $2.99

New Releases for June

We have some Awesome Releases Coming in June -- This list will continue to be updated as information is available so get ready to One-Click and TBR 

Kingpin (Cartel #2)

 by Lili St. Germain - Dark Romance

            The second scorching book in this three book series.  Mariana and Dornan struggle to 
            figure out their twisted relationship amid their families war.  With their love built on a 
            house of lies, it’s only time before everything explodes around them.
            Releases June 1, available for pre-order

Love On A Spring Day(Pine Harbour #3) 

by Zoe York - Contemporary Romance

            Ryan Howard hates his life and he hates the movie being filmed in his hometown
            even more.  The only bright light in his life in movie intern, Holly.  Holly also hates her
            life even though she’s blessed with a good life.  Can Holly keep her secrets or will Ryan 
            find out?
            Releases June 2, available for pre-order

Vicious Cycle (Vicious Cycle #1)

 by Katie Ashley - Contemporary Romance

            Deacon Malloy is dedicated to Hell’s Raider’s Motorcycle Club with a five year old 
            daughter he doesn’t know about.  Alexandra Evans is a teacher devoted to little Willow
            Malloy.  When both Alexandra and Willow both end up on Hells Raider’s doorstep,
            Deacon is hellbent on getting Alexandra in his bed and his daughter within arms reach.
            Releases June 2, available for pre-order

Moonlight On Nightingale Way (On Dublin Street #6)

 by Samantha Young - New Adult Romance

            Logan is ready to start over after two years of mistakes.  Grace has escaped her
            manipulative family and is ready to find Mr. Right.  Grace wants absolutely nothing to
            do with her womanizing neighbor, Logan.  But once she starts to give in to him, her
            crazy life comes to destroy everything she loves.
            Releases June 2, available for pre-order

Sweet Ache (Driven #6)

 by K. Bromberg - Contemporary Romance

            Bad boy rockstar, Hawkin Play has spent his life cleaning up the mess his twin brother 
            leaves behind.  After almost landing in jail, a judge makes Hawkin lecture at a local 
           college.  One of his bandmates makes a bet with Hawkin to bed the sexy teaching
           assistant.  Quinlan Westin isn’t as easy to get into bed a Hawkin thought.  She’s bound
           and determined to avoid Hawkin at all costs.  Once Hawkin and Quinlan start to show
           interest in each other, Hawkin’s twin shows back up bound to destroy everything.
           Releases June 2, available for pre-order


 by LP Lovell and Stevie J. Cole - Dark Romance

            Jude is violent, greedy and will stop at absolutely nothing to win.  He’s a well known 
            bookie and will take whatever is owed to him, even a hostage or life if needed.  The
            problem with that is the “debt” he’s collected he can’t seem to kill.  She’s collateral
            and he shouldn’t be falling for her……..
            Releases June 2, available for pre-order


Ruined: A Decadence After Dark Epilogue  

by M. Never - Dark Romance

            Kayne Roberts.  Kayne Rivers.  Kayne Stevens.  No matter what his name is he owns
            Ellie, he claims Ellie and now he’s going to absolutely ruin Ellie.  Which is exactly what 
            she wants.
            Releases June 8

Shut up & Kiss Me

 by Madeline Sheehan, Claire C. Reilly - Contemporary Romance

            After a night out clubbing with her roommate Nikki, Mila spots William.  William 
            realizes Mila isn’t like other girls.  One night together will change everything for them.
            Lives will be transformed when secrets and truths come out, will their relationship 
            Releases June 8

Masquerade (Swept Away #2.5)

 by J.S Cooper - Contemporary Romance

            We first met Bianca and Jakob in Illusion.  They fell into each other arms on a 
            desert island.  But they both have secrets that could wreck everything they have.
            Releases June 8, available for pre-order

Zack (Cold Fury #3)

 by Sawyer Bennett - Sports Romance

            After a car accident that left him a single parent, grief stricken Zack has to figure
            out how to be a professional hockey player and dad.  In comes nerdy nanny Kate to 
            the rescue.  While Kate bonds with Zack’s son, Zack is conflicted.  Is he ready for a
            woman’s touch??  Can Kate breakdown Zack’s walls?
            Releases June 9, available for pre-order

The Consequences of Revenge (Consequence #2)

 by Rachel Van Dyken - New Adult Romance

          After losing his best friend to another guy, the notoriously too-confident Max Emory suddenly feels lost. He may have devastatingly good looks, an abundance of charm, and a claim to one of the biggest hotel empires around, but he has no ambition anymore. So when his fed-up friends decide they’ve had enough of his moping, they sign him up to be the next bachelor on the reality series Love Island. And between his pride and his forged signature on an ironclad contract, Max just can’t say no.

Now he’s stranded in paradise with twenty-four women, one terrifying goat, and Becca, the breathtaking barista who already turned him down back home. The closer Max gets to Becca, the more determined he becomes to win her over. As she gets to know him better, things start heating up. But is Becca really after Max’s heart—or is she after the cash prize she could claim once the cameras stop rolling?
            Releases June 9, available for pre-order

Michael/Striker (Bayou Heat #15-16)

 by Laura Wright, Alexandra Ivy - Paranormal/Fantasy
            Releases June 9

Heart And Soul (Lost And Found #5)

 by Nicole Williams - New Adult Romance

            Love makes us and breaks us.  Rowan and Jesse are about to find that out the hard
            way.  Rowan and Jesse find out they’re pregnant, which for most couples is good 
            news.  But with Rowan’s heart condition, Jesse thinks otherwise.  In order to keep her
            and the baby safe, Jesse makes a deal with the devil.  A life for a life.  A soul for a
            Releases June 16, 


by Clarissa Wild - Dark Romance

Fuck me once, I'll fuck you twice … then I'll bury you.

No prison can keep me from seeking revenge. Especially when it comes to her.
She, the woman who put me in jail.
I swore that I’d come for her, to claim what belongs to me: Her life.
I’m not a good man. On the contrary, I love to be bad. It’s in my veins. Just like it’s in my veins to ruin her.
She’s an actress, pretending to be a saint, but we both know that isn’t true. One way or another, she’ll pay for what she did.
I will hunt for her. Make her fear me. Make her body mine.
Bad deeds never go unpunished … And I always go out with a bang.

WARNING: This book is a DARK ROMANCE STANDALONE - it has a non-conventional ending. This isn't rainbow sprinkles & unicorn fluff. It's a dark, thrilling journey of two people clashing over love, lust, and hatred. Heed the warning. Contains graphic violence, alcohol, drugs & other disturbing content. 

No Cliffhanger. Stand Alone.

A prequel to this standalone called Killer will be in the Summer Fire boxed set. 
SUMMER FIRE - Boxed Set 
21 ALL NEW Contemporary Romance stories by New York Times, USA Today, and National Bestselling authors. Love when it’s hot? So do romance writers. Especially when we’re writing about gritty alphas, angsty bad boys, sizzling attraction, and unrequited passion. Turn the fan to oscillate and join us for this steamy, groundbreaking bundle of summer tales that are hot hot hot.


Off Duty (Off #7)

 by Sawyer Bennett - Sports Romance

As a member of the New York Fire Department, single father Tim Davis is about as tough as they come. But underneath the muscles and tattoos, he still nurses a bruised heart handed to him courtesy of his first love. While on vacation with his son in New Orleans, Tim runs into the very woman that taught him about love before pulling it all away.

Holly Reynolds is rebuilding her life as an orthopedic doctor, far away from her home in New York City and her controlling father… the man responsible for tearing her and Tim apart. While she knows the hurt she caused Tim could never be forgiven, she can’t help the overwhelming feelings she still has for her first and deepest love.

Truths are revealed as lies are exposed.

Two people come back together again to explore the fragile emotional bonds that still keep them tethered, even as their passion ignites hotter than any fire Tim has ever had to put out before.
    Releases June 16

Scorched (Frigid #2) 

by J. Lynn - Contemorary Romance

               Tanner and Andrea have had a love/hate relationship forever.  Tanner wants more love
    than hate from Andrea.  But the more he gets to know Andrea the more he sees she 
    may have a problem.  Andrea’s life is out of control and she doesn’t care that Tanner
    wants to save her.  Only Andrea can save herself.
    Releases June 16, available for pre-order


 by M.N Forgy - Dark Romance

    His name is Landon, he tried to save me from my life on the streets.  He didn’t expect
    my horrible life to catch up with us. 
    Releases June 17

Wicked White 

by Michelle Valentine - New Adult Romance

     After his mother dies Ace White decides to quit his gig as the lead singer of 
    Wicked White.  Tired of the phony people and one night stands, he just wants to be
    alone.  Aspiring singer Iris Easton’s life was never easy.  When Ace moves in next door,
    Irish can’t help but be drawn the the mysterious singer.  Just as they start falling for
    each other, the media turns up, twisting their lives upside down.
    Releases June 23, available for pre-order

Fall Deep (Seals Undone Series Book #4)

 by Zoe York - Military Romance

    Navy SEAL Miles is on his way to war, he was never supposed to fall in love.  Piper left
    San Diego behind to travel Europe for a no-strings adventure.  But now her heart is
    headed to the Middle East.  But Miles is willing to prove he’s worth the wait.
    Releases June 23, available for pre-order Special Price of .99Cents Until Release
Then will be $2,99

Goal Line (The Dartmouth Cobras #7)

 by Bianca Sommerland - Sports/Erotica

The goal doesn't count until it crosses the line.

Captain of the Dartmouth Cobras hockey team, Dominik Mason, believes his team can make a damn good playoff run. He and his men won't stop fighting until they win the ultimate prize. There's no doubt when it comes to The Game.

Off the ice, there's nothing but uncertainty. His life has been in a holding pattern and it's time to move on. Which might be easier without the lifestyle that has lost its appeal. As much as he loved training subs, he's tired of giving his all only to go home alone.

Tragedy once brought him closer to Sahara Dionne, the exquisite, yet fragile Ice Girl, but when her abusive-ex darkens her path once again, Dominik can't help but wonder if his friendship might not be the best thing for her.

But she craves his touch, his dominance, and his possession. Everything he desires is finally within his reach.

All he has to do is take the shot.

Author's Note: The Cobras series has a continuing arc about the franchise, players, and previous relationships. Some plots continue through the series and may involve more than the main ménage. The series is best read in order. 

    Releases June 29, available for pre-order

That Baby (That Boy #3)

 by Jillian Dodd - New Adult Romance

    We’ve seen Phillip and JJ come together in That Boy, get married in That Wedding
    and now it’s baby time.
    Releases June 30

Summer At the Shore (Seashell Bay #2)
 by V.K. Sykess - Contemporary Romace

    Releases June 30

Bleecker Street (Hell’s Kitchen #3) 

by Callie Hart, Lili St. Germain - Dark Romance

Money. Power. Sex. Blood.  It all hangs in the balance.  And in this world?  Somebody always loses.

Releases June 30

When You’re Back (Rosemary Beach #12) 
by Abbi Glines - New Adult Romance

    Releases June 30, available for pre-order

Insider (Exodus End #1) 
by Olivia Cunning - Erotica

    Releases June 30, available for pre-order

She thought she was ready to rock... Toni Nichols put her aspirations on hold while she raised her little sister, but now she's reaching for the stars and living her dreams as the creator of a revolutionary interactive biography about the rock band Exodus End. Creating the book requires her to go on tour and immerse herself in the band's world as an insider, but can she gain the trust of four veteran superstars who've been burned by the media before? Or will her dreams crumble at her feet? 
He's always ready to roll Logan Schmidt was born an adrenaline junkie. He lives for the rush he gets from playing his bass guitar before thousands of fans. When he's not performing on stage or in the bedroom, he's looking for his next endorphin high in extreme sports. So what is it about the sweet and innocent journalist on their world tour that gets his heart pumping and captures his full attention? Is she the real deal or is she posing at being his perfect woman to get inside secrets on Exodus End? 
They're both ready to experiment Though Toni was innocent the first time she climbed the bus steps, that didn't last long once Logan set his sights on her. He's so much more worldly than she is and she's ready to learn how to please a lover and explore all the ways she can be pleased. Logan can't believe his luck. Toni's a phenomenal woman and she wants him to teach her how to rock and roll in the sack? Not exactly a burdensome task. Until she starts to get too close to his heart and takes her insider look to a place he never anticipated.



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Savage Fire (Savage Angels MC Book Two) Kathleen Kelly

Title: Savage Fire
Series: Savage Angels MC #2
Author: Kathleen Kelly
 Release Date: May 29, 2015


Emily Reynolds, estranged sister to Dane Reynolds, President of the Savage Angels MC, has just lost her father.  He was not a caring man and inflicted suffering on his family.  Dane abandoned her and her mother years ago, leaving them alone to deal with a brutal man who never showed any love or mercy.  Emily wants Dane to feel the pain she felt, she wants him to suffer as she did and decides to make the long drive to see him.

Salvatore Agostino, captain in the Abruzzi crime family is also on his way to see Dane Reynolds. A ruthless businessman, he is fiercely loyal to his family and his men.  A chance encounter brings him face to face with Emily.

These two meet and their attraction grows into a love that neither could have anticipated.

Will they be able to overcome the turmoil that awaits them or will their love be destroyed by forces beyond their control?

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Also Available



I am completely overwhelmed. My core is on fire and I want so much to kiss him, to touch him. I feel sparks of electricity shoot through every fiber in my body and every nerve ending is screaming for release. I want his hands on me, all over me.


I put my hands on his chest and push him away. He’s too close, making it hard to form a single thought. I take two steps to the side to put some distance between us so I can speak like a human, not a lust induced zombie. “Yes, they towed my car and it’s in their lot. I haven’t really spoken to them about it yet. I kind of fell asleep on them…”

His face clouds over and he says, “You kind of fell asleep on them? What. Does. That. Mean?” He pauses between each word and growls them at me.

“Jonas took me to see Doc Jordan and he gave me something for the pain, but because I hadn’t slept in days it made me sleepy. I think he ended up carrying me to their clubhouse.” I realize how all this must sound. If someone told me that exact same story, I would be thinking the worst.

“Did they touch you, Amare?” he growls at me, his eyes blazing with anger.

“No, no, no! In fact, Jonas put a guard on my door so no one would go near me. Not that they would. I was safe, Sal.” Something crosses his face and he stares at me so intently that I look away and stare at the floor. He moves back into my space and lifts my head up. “Thank you for getting me coffee. Let’s go have breakfast and I’m buying. I think I shall keep you in my sights to make sure nothing else happens to you. I have never met a woman who allows herself to get into so many dangerous situations, in such a short space in time. You, my Amare, are a handful.” He moves away from me and does up his shirt, then grabs his jacket. He opens the door to his room and extends his arm. “Shall we?” he asks, offering me a smile that reveals his dimple. My core clenches again and I have to fight the urge to throw myself at him.

Author Bio

Kathleen Kelly was born in Penrith, NSW, Australia. When she was four her family moved to Brisbane, QLD, Australia. Although born in NSW she considers herself a QUEENSLANDER!!

She married her childhood sweetheart and they live in Brisbane with their two furry kids. A British Short Hair called Grace and a Burmese called Jack.

Kathleen enjoys writing contemporary, romance novels with a little bit of erotica. She draws her inspiration from family, friends and the people around her. She can often be found in cafes writing and observing the locals.

If you have any questions about her novels or would like to ask Kathleen a question she can be contacted via e-mail: or she can be found on Facebook.

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