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My Clarity by M. Clarke

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Still reeling from the death of her father,
Alexandria hopes to find both independence and reprieve from her grief by heading off to college.

However, life throws her a serious curveball when she discovers that her roommate isn’t quite the person she had imagined.

Smoking, tattoos, and street racing for fast cash are Elijah’s only interests. A harsh life has made him apathetic and indifferent, until Alexandria enters his life.
When their paths cross, turmoil abounds.

An inevitable encounter, an undeniable attraction, and an unexpected chance at love-will it be enough?

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Runaway Love by Pamela Washington

Runaway Love

Pamela Washington

Genre: NA Adult Romance

I’m damned if I do, damned if I don't.
How did I get myself into this complicated situation? I just wanted to be loved, to matter to someone, to feel like I’m worth something, to belong…
I grew up in foster care, never knowing where I came from or where I was headed. I met my first love, the love of my life, in a group home. Scott and I only had each other; he was my everything! He left with a promise to return, but he broke his promise and my heart. Scott shattered my soul and nearly destroyed me.
I wanted to die, but I was saved by a man who loves me, protects me, takes care of me, and worships me. Tony will do anything for me and accepts me just the way I am. I married him, but I can’t give him my heart; I can’t love him as much as he loves me… We have a son who I adore, and although my life may appear to be perfect, it’s not enough to make me completely happy.
I still yearn for my first love. When Scott returns, I’m faced with a decision… Do I choose what's right or what seems right, but is wrong? Do I choose safe love or runaway love? Someone will be hurt when my past meets my present…
This is my story, my life… Can I handle it? 

What Some Readers Already said about the book:
"I just loved this story of a love that was lost!!"

"I could not put this book down and the ending so unexpected!"

"I'm a sucker for love triangles. Boy is this one confused, hurt and heartbroken girl!"

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Pamela Washington is a proud native of Staten Island, New York who resides in Charleston, South Carolina with her amazing husband and wonderful daughter

Pamela LOVES to read! She enjoys the opportunity to enter into a whole new world and escape reality for a little while.
Pamela is quite passionate about her writing. She pours her heart and soul into everything she writes because she wants to give her readers a very special part of herself. A self-professed hopeless romantic.
However, not every story she writes will have a happily ever after.

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Desire by K. French

#NewRelease #ContemporaryRomance #KFrench #BEP
Desire by K French Book Blitz
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 20th, 2015
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Other books in the series:

Returning home from Verona on cloud nine, Ava Hart is ready to share her secret with the world. She feels that nothing and no one can stand in the way of her happiness with Gabriel Edwards, that is until tragedy strikes again, bringing with it an unexpected visitor. Once more Ava is thrown into emotional turmoil, not helped by Gabriel having to move back to London. And with everyone seemingly intent on trying to tear them apart, Ava will need to search deep within her soul to discover what it is her heart truly desires.

K French is married with two small children and lives in Hertfordshire, England. She grew up in the North of England where Muse and Desire are set.


“Ava, men are attracted to you like moths to a flame. A beautiful, hypnotic flame. They willingly throw themselves onto the fire, hoping to get nearer, beating themselves up in the process…”

 “When you kiss me, I want you to be thinking of me only, no one else. Do you hear?” He sounded hurt. I nodded as best I could. Tears stung my eyes at his harsh words. “I want you Ava, make no mistake about that, but not like this, when you’re drunk and still thinking of him. When I kiss you, it will be me and only me who occupies that beautiful mind of yours.”

“I have watched you Ava. You are strong, don’t ever doubt that. And although right now you are at your lowest point and you feel that there is no way out, believe an old man when he says, no matter what your situation, life has a wonderful habit of turning out good in the end. Look at Bridget and me. Who would have guessed it? But, if right now it is not good and your heart still aches, then my dear sweet girl, it is not quite the end. Life goes on. The world doesn’t stop turning. You have to continue to live your life. Don’t give up, keep trying and believe in yourself.” He kissed my cheek and let me go. I didn’t know what to say. “Keep smiling beautiful girl." Tears ran down my cheeks.

Conditioner by Karina Almeroth

Release Day Blitz Media Kit
Conditioner By Karina Almeroth 

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Conditioner is 99c or FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Pinky. She walked off the map, set it alight, and threw the ashes over herself in some self-destructive ritual. She'll have to shampoo that ash out somehow.
Lucky she never has to pay for shampoo.
She's survived A LOT...but will she survive love again, all those pink drinks she consumes, and working for a haircare company that has a drag queen for a mascot and two bosses selling shampoo based on sin?
Then there's Ever and Matt, two guys determined to win her heart...or destroy her further?
There'll be plenty of pink drinks (pink everything), Holden Commodores, and True Love??, as Pinky navigates through life once again, madly trying to find a new path to walk on.
A novel about taking your second chance at life and running with it with as much humour and spewing madly (on spumante) as one can.
Especially in her darkest times...those times when she feels she can never love again...or worse, BE loved again...she will turn to the (pink) light and humour to see her through.
That, and pink drinks, and driving like a hoon.
Pink. It's the new EVERYTHING.

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Shampoo is 99c or FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Author Bio
Karina Almeroth lives in Brisbane Queensland, Australia, where she spends her days plotting World Pink Domination, and hooning around in her pink Holden Commodore VT. And sometimes she behaves for her children.
And yes, she is still single. Still no man can handle her.

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Love Assaulted: Skulls of Angels MC by Ava Marshall

Title: Love Assaulted
Series: Skulls of Angels MC #1
Author: Ava Marshall
Cover Design: MGBookCovers
Cover Models: Robert Teed & Alexa Carroll
Photographer: Smith Artisan Photography
Release Date: July 2015

Beckett Thompson enjoys the simple things in life: an ice-cold beer, a club whore warming his bed, and his bike on the open road. He doesn’t do relationships, and he sure as hell doesn’t do love.

Allison Jennings had life figured out until fate took away the only family who mattered.  When a dirty talking, bossy ass biker who makes her panties wet, turns up on her doorstep what is she supposed to do? Should she get on the back of his bike so he can take her to his clubhouse and to his President, who just so happens to be the shitty father she’s never met?  What does she have to lose?

Will opposites attract? Or will the harsh lifestyle be too much for this club princess to handle?

One thing is for sure, it will be one hell of a ride.

While I’m pushing the vacuum I think I hear the rumble of what I believe is motorcycles.  I shut off the vacuum, wind up the cord and put it in the closet.  Walking towards the laundry room I hear the doorbell ring. 
“Jesus”, I mutter to myself while walking to the door.  If it’s another friend of my mom’s or neighbor I think I’m going to go insane.  Loneliness is a fickle thing.  You are either physically lonely and you need someone to be present with you at all times or you just emotionally lonely and to be honest I think I’m both.  I feel like I need someone here but not to talk.  Just to sit and make the house feel like someone other than myself is living here. 
I open the door and two huge men are standing on my door step.  One has his back turned to me looking towards the street and one is lighting up a cigarette.  They are wearing some sort of black leather vests with patches on them that I can’t quite read.  The man lighting his cigarette is an older man with a long beard and gray throughout his long shaggy hair.  His vest has a patch on it that says “Dickey” and below that one that says “Sgt. at Arms.” 
After finally just looking at me for a few seconds Dickey says “Hi darlin’”.  Right when he finishes his statement the other man turns around.
 This man is the most gorgeous biker I have ever seen in my life.  I haven’t seen a lot of bikers in my life, but this guy is nothing short of perfection.  He is a lot taller than Dickey; I’m guessing that is his name.  hottie biker is got to be well over six feet and has real short dirty blonde.  He has a beard that looks so soft.  I just want to run my hands through it.  I wonder what it would feel like between my legs.  What?  Shut up Ally.
After staring at his beard and his full lips my eyes move up to his and the most beautiful green eyes stare back at me.   Not that dark hazel green but that super light green that could almost pass as blue.  He is wearing a dark black t-shirt and a vest that has “Beck” and “Vice President” on it.  I see a few tattoos poking out of his t-shirt.  One says “Carpe Diem” and another one that looks like some sort of tribal design.  He has one hand in his pocket and other hand has something tattooed on his fingers that I can’t quite make out.  He has dark jeans on with a chain that I assume is connecting to his wallet and heavy black boots on his feet. 
After staring at the beautiful biker I turn to face Dickey, which I am assuming his name, or nickname and say “Umm... hi”.
“You Allison Jakqueline Sparks?”
“Maybe.  Who are you?” I asked.
“Just answer the question.  Are you Allison?” he says throwing his cigarette down and snuffing it out with his boot.
“Yeah, I am.  I just go by Ally though.  My dead mother called me Allison and Jakqueline is the name I got from my asshole, non-existent father”, I said glaring at the man.  I’m not sure why I even went into that with these guys but I always ramble in weird situations, especially when the hottie on my porch keeps staring at me.
 I hate to hear my full name. 
Not even my Mom would call me that when I was in trouble because just hearing the name Jacqueline made my skin crawl.  It was a reminder I didn’t need that my father left me and my mother and didn’t give a shit about us anymore.
Beck threw his cigarette down on the ground and proceeded to walk towards me.  Before he walked straight through me I moved out of the way.
“Hey, what the hell are you doing?  Get out of my house”, I said. 
Dickey proceeded to walk behind him and stand in the middle of the room.  I stood inside the foyer just looking at them with the door open waiting for them to walk right back out.  After standing there for a few moments I noticed that wasn’t going to happen so I shut the door and leaned up against it.
“Who are you and what do you want?  I’m really busy and I’m a little freaked that two men that I don’t know just walked up into my mothe…my house. “
“My name is Dickey and this here is Beck.  Go pack up some shit darlin’ and let’s head on out” he said.
“Excuse me?  Let’s go back to what I just said… I have no idea who you guys are so why in the hell would I go anywhere with you?”
“Look we don’t have time for all this shit.  Once we get to Missouri we can tell you everythin’ but until then we don’t got nothin’.”
Is this guy for real?  I look back in forth between him and Beck.  He has not even spoken a word to me yet.  Maybe he’s mute.  Maybe he is the strong silent type.  I mean judging by the way his t-shirt is straining across his arms and chest he is definitely the strong type. 
“Okay look just tell me something.  Let’s start with the basics. What exactly do you want from me and what is in Missouri?” I said sitting down on the arm of recliner.
Beck comes walking up to me bends down in front of me and says “Prez sent us to collect you and bring you back to Missouri.  We got some shit goin’ down and we ain’t got time for fuckin’ round.  You ain’t safe here right now and we’re here to make sure you get somewhere where you are safe. You feel me?”
Well I definitely wanted to feel him… wait where did that come from? It’s hard to keep up listening to what the beautiful biker says.  I take a second and let all he said try and sink in.  He keeps staring at me those eyes that show so many different emotions in them.  Anger maybe?  Definitely anger, and possibly… lust?  Nope, I’m just dreaming that.
“Okay so who exactly is Prez?”
A long silent period of staring ensued and finally with a long sigh he said “you know that non-existent father you said somethin’ bout earlier?  Well that would be him; Jake Sparks.  Now run along and get a few things that will fit on the back of my bike and let’s roll out.” 
Okay maybe I didn’t hear him correctly.  Did he just say my father?


Ava Marshall is a full time author, wife, and mother to two kick ass kids.  After being “laid off” from her job of almost 10 years she decided to say “f*ck you assholes” and started doing something that was much more fulfilling than taking shit from her douchebag bosses.  Her husband bought her a laptop and told her to follow her dreams, and that is what she did.  She began writing about hot, sexy, alpha bad boys that make women, and even some men swoon.  Her debut novel, Love Assaulted, and its characters will always hold a special place in her heart.
Ava was born and raised in Western Arkansas.  She also spent every summer with her family in Memphis, Tennessee area.   When she is not writing, Ava enjoys spending time with her family and her two bestest friends in the world.  She also loves trashy reality TV and is slightly obsessed with Sons of Anarchy and reading when she is not writing.


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Wrath by Kaylee Song

Title: Wrath
Series: Fire and Steel, Book 2
*Note* This is a Standalone in the series. It can be read separately.
Author: Kaylee Song
Genre: Dark Romance Contemporary

The Savior

Emma Snow has spent her life fighting to live. The product of a broken
she clawed her way to independence, but at a cost.
Now, in her junior year at a top tier college, she has everything within
Until she meets him.

Aidan is wild and reckless.
Everything she isn’t and everything she should avoid. Her attraction to
him is undeniable.
Emma escaped darkness before. Will surrendering to him only trap her again?

The Sinner

Wounded Army Specialist, Aidan Crowne never thought living at home
could be this hard. A year into his new life, and he is already spinning
out of control.
No job, no prospects.

Fire and Steel MC offers him a place at their side. Joining the club means
he’ll have to sacrifice everything that makes him human and give into
his true nature.

His Wrath.

Is it worth the cost?

Can Emma deny Aidan when she's the only
one who might lead him to safety?

Previous Book: Rage 



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Scars by Elena M. Reyes

~*~* SALE BLITZ *~*~

Title: SCARS
Series: Marked series #2.5
Author: Elena M. Reyes



Thrown away.


Every single one of those could be used to describe me. They can tell you my story—my sad past—without a single syllable passing through my lips.

I hate them—those who lied to me. They claimed to love me, but in reality they used me when convenient. My parents. Sister. And now Talan. Loving them has left me empty. Sad.


Not anymore. Screw them. My love has turned to anger…hate. Now, what consumes me is the urge to destroy, to force them to see what they wrecked with their carelessness. My name will never be forgotten. Not after I have my revenge.

His tears will be my ultimate retribution.

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Elena M. Reyes was born and raised in Miami Florida. She is the epitome of a Floridian and if she could live in her beloved flip-flops, she would. As a small child, she was always intrigued with all forms of art—whether it was dancing to island rhythms, or painting with any medium she could get her hands on. Her first taste of writing came to her during her fifth grade year when her class was prompted to participate in the D. A. R. E. Program and write an essay on what they’d learned. Her passion for reading over the years has amassed her with hours of pleasure. It wasn’t until she stumbled upon fanfiction that her thirst to write overtook her world. She now resides in Central Florida with her husband and son, spending all her down time letting her creativity flow and letting her characters grow.