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Melissa - Co-Owner

I'm Melissa.  I was born and raised in California, but currently reside in Las Vegas, yep Sin City!  I've been married for ten years to the most amazing man and together we have three kids.  I'm a huge horror movie fan and well just a huge movie fan overall.  I'm a fan of all things dark, including my romance books....the darker the better. I fell in love with romance books after reading Fifty and I haven't turned back.  I'm co owner of Alpha Book Club, PA to some really amazing authors and I feel so lucky for falling into this exciting adventure.

Kathleen - Reviewer/Admin Assistant

Mollien - Reviewer

I have been married to an Alpha male for over 27 years, the mother of five grown children. I was an addicted online gamer and now my  addiction has changed to reading. My favorites are Romance and Erotic Romance as well as Science Fiction, Paranormal, Mysteries and Suspense books. Besides reading and being a wife and mother, I also care for children other than my own. I also work in a doctor’s office. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I attended Berkeley College in NYC.
"I never read a book that wasn't better than the movie."

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Lisa - Reviewer

Michelle - Reviewer

Melissa - Reviewer

Hmm.. Let’s see, you want to know alittle about me. This is always the part I go blank on but here goes. I am from a little town in Ohio that will always be home to me, no matter where I am. I share my life with my husband, 8 year old son and our rescue pup Gizmo. I found a love of reading at an early age, I cut my teeth on historical romances and I hope to pass on that same love of reading to my son. On any given day you will find me with my nose stuck in my Kindle, transported to another world. I found Alpha Book Club and it has been a new experience trying to put into words my impressions of the books I’ve read. To sum it all up I’ll leave this here for you.

Sabrina - Reviewer

HI!!! I'm Sabrina and never know what to say when it comes to talking about myself, I feel my life is pretty ordinary. I am happily married to my best friend and we have 3 young kids with the 4th  being a dog; or my husband, however you want to look at it, lol! I live in Michigan, born and raised with no intentions of leaving. Living here in the midwest we always say if you don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes and it will change. I have always liked reading, but stopped reading for fun in college when academics wore me out, then it was the kids, etc. etc. the excuses were always there. In February of 2015 the girls and I went to see FSOG which I never read. *wipe those shocked looks off your faces* after the movie I read the series, and have not put my kindle down sense. My favorites are Young Adult, and any kind of Romance from lighthearted to dark and erotic. I started reading with the ladies of Alpha Book Club in the fall of 2015, and outside of the amazing books we get to read, the ladies are pretty amazing themselves.

Heather - Reviewer

Hi, I am Heather, I am happily married and have two little boys. I currently live in Duluth, MN but I am from Oklahoma City. I will always be a southerner at heart. I can’t remember a time when I haven’t loved to read. I read It at 10yrs old. Over the years I have changed my love for the different genres, but I’ve always loved to be transported to the different places in the world. I am one of the strange ones that loves a great cliffhanger, but I can take a good HEA too. I recently started reading with the ladies of Alpha Book Club, and I’ve loved every minute of it.

Dani - Reviewer

I am Dani, an indie author, graphic designer, and software trainer living in the incredible city Cape Town, in South Africa. I have always loved books, reading and getting lost in cities, and worlds with characters that I get too attached to. I have been married for 7 years, to my best friend. We have two furry babies, who love to meow when they’re hungry and drive us insane. LOL! Working with the ladies at Alpha Book Club has been an incredible experience. I love my books filled with suspense, romance, lots of Alpha males and HEAs. I have too many favourites to mention, and tend to suffer from a book hangover (yes, the struggle is real), too often, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

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