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More (More Book 1) (More Series) by Sloan Parker -- Review

More (More Book 1) (More Series)More (More Book 1) by Sloan Parker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had heard about this book previously from a male/male book group and I had trouble finding it, or else I would have read it a lot sooner. To say it is a good book is putting it mildly. Luke, Matthew, and Richard have a very hot, very loving relationship (even if not all parties are able to admit they are in love yet)

This book not only touches on the hardships that gay couples have to face but adds in another stigma of gay menage -- something people just do not understand.

Ok so lets break it down:
The Good - It is a super hot, sexy book. Full of sheet scorching scene's, full of pushing the limits, a book that is not afraid to push beyond the norm.

The Characters
Luke is your damaged soul -- he is the one who doesn't know he wants love, denies he needs it, does everything to avoid it -- yet his heart just decides it is time. Luke brings to the relationship a past full of hurt, a psychotic Father who is a Senator and hates gay people (even his son) oh and guess what, yep his dad is in the closet! Luke's mom is portrayed as a woman with no backbone who lets her husband disown Luke and does nothing to stand up for her son.

Matthew - He is the youngest. The most energetic. My only problem with Matthew is the author portrays him as walking sex, like he lets sex guide his life. He is a walking, talking orgasm -- but he is a man so maybe that is normal? Matthew he is not without damage himself. His damage is just a little harder to figure out. What we know immediately is he hates alcohol. We find out why towards the last twenty percent of the book.

Richard - The old soul. The one who has been in a long-term relationship, recently separated. Wants committment, has money, has a savior complex -- wants to fix all of Luke's and Matthews problems.

The Could have been better -- This book goes from these men not knowing each other to them essentially integrating themselves into each others lives. It is unrealistic in that aspect (unless I am just getting old) but seriously, Luke and Matthew have seen each other at The Haven in the past, not that they have ever talked to each other or interacted -- nope just seen each other. Then one day they see each other and neither of them are with another person, so they decide "Lets hook up".. but wait, we want a third to join us. So they go on the prowl and identify another unknown person who just happens to be in the club, someone neither of them have seen before. They then decide its time to move it upstairs, hot sex follows, statements of this wont be a repeat because none of them do repeats (or do they) and they all go their separate ways. Until the next time at the club where they have a repeat, and then another night another repeat.. so they are together three times and boom Richard decides he wants to date these men and explore outside the club -- build a relationship -- they go on a date and the next thing you know they are moving in together SUPER FAST, RIGHT?
The book slows down from here and they actually do start to get to know each other, and then the conflict occurs where Luke becomes gun-shy thinking he is ruining Matthew and Richards life so what does he do.. he runs! But he doesn't get far because Richard and Matthew are there to save him. It is romantic, yes I know.. it is a book, yes I know. But it just seems like maybe the author could have slowed it down a bit and let them get to know each other a little better ... but honestly that is my only problem with the book.

Overall -- I still give this story 4 stars, even with all the issues of rushing a relationship if you look past that it is a great story. I am hoping that the second book will be more balanced. Only time will tell.

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