Monday, May 25, 2015

No Mercy - A Darker Continuation - Lucian Bane


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No Mercy~A Darker Continuation

Snippet #12

The front door scraped along the floor just as Sade made it to the back. His hands slid over the wall, and metal clanked loudly. Stilling his shallow breaths, he felt at the objects he touched and worked at freeing one.
Sade held back a gasp of shock at finding a knife. He waited for a few seconds to see what the man’s intentions were, what direction he was moving in.
“I just wanna help you, son,” he finally said. “That’s all.” He gasped several times and then chuckled. “I see you found your friend? Are you going to help set him free? Of course you are. Be careful with that treble hook—it’s a one way street. But without a doubt, a tool of mercy,” he whispered, sounding reverent as he got closer. “I have the tool to remove it without too much damage. But he really needed that wound, son.” His voice broke with empathy. “His beauty blinds him. This will help him see.”
Sade angled his head, still unable to discern where he was in the dark. Just closer.
“God has shown me he has great plans for all of you. Aren’t you excited about that?”
With those final hissed words, Sade grabbed hold of a shelf with both hands and pulled with all he had sending shit crashing to the floor. Sade spun and slipped out the back, sprinted down the pier, and went straight into the water. “Hold this!” He handed Mercy the spear contraption and sliced the fishing line carefully with the knife.
“He’s coming!” Mercy tapped her hand rapidly on the pier. “I think he’s coming!”
“Fuck! Bo, can you swim?”
He nodded, the whites showing all around his eyes.
“I got you,” Sade put his hand on the back of his head. “We’ll swim under the pier back to the boathouse.”
Sade took the spear gun from Mercy and held the knife between his teeth. He
went from post to post beneath the pier, making sure they stayed close behind him. Fucking pier was three times longer in the back of the boathouse, making the trip agonizing.
Erratic footsteps clonked, accompanied by light singing just ahead of them. “Father Abraham… has many sons…. Many sons has Faaaaather Abraham. I am one… and so are you… sooooo let’s all praise the Lord!” 


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