Wednesday, June 17, 2015

IRONS -- Book 3 In The Norfolk Series by M.J. Fields


M.J. Fields know how to bring us pure Alpha Males...

The Synopsis

Lieutenant Jaxson Irons, was born and bred to be the soldier, a leader, and a man whose life's center is his country. He has lived the life laid out before him, but now everything has changed.

After the accident that nearly cost him his life, and secrets were revealed, Jax was left questioning everything and everyone, except his band of brothers and the woman who stood by him through it all.

Faced with truths and harsh realities, he must decide what to do next.

Francesca Cruz Irons has loved Jax since she was a little girl. When her brother Will, Jax's best friend dies, her love for Jax only intensifies. Her life was spiraling out of control when she ran into him again.

Once feisty and out of control, Frankie has become the wife to a man who once was stronger than her, but now is his equal and his everything.

Francesca's strength and support comes from her love of a man who is her everything, and she is his.

This is the third and final book in the Irons trilogy


My Review

To say I adore all of M.J. Fields books, would be accurate! I have read and will read anything she writes because she just knows how to write a story that will pull you in and keep you so submerged with the characters and their lives, it is truly as if you are living the story!

When The Norfolk Series first was released, I immediately fell in love with Jaxson Irons. He is the definition of Pure. Alpha. Male. He is used to being the man in charge, the one everyone listens to...but it takes his Late Best Friends Sister, Francesca Cruz "Frankie",to top this Alpha and make him see is ok to love.

This book is a 5+ star, captivating read that will grab you and suck you into the dangerous world of big money, Politics, Family Secrets and more..As each secret unfolds, and each new threat is issued...Jaxson and Frankie stand strong together. They face everything together and share a deep and very passionate love

While reading this book, expect to experience a wide range of emotion -- you will want to fight beside Frankie & Jax, you will laugh and you will probably shed a tear or two with them. I loved that "Flat-Frankie" has had her teenage dreams come true..and I love the way Jaxon truly adores Frankie.


You simply MUST read this series!!! Put M.J. Fields on your "auto One-Click" list because she hasn't written a book that is not worthy of 5 stars!! If you love Alpha Males, strong family bonds, hot-pulse-pounding scenes, and of course romance with a twist...then you have found a MUST read author!!


Reviewed by J.Loves2Read from Alpha Book Club ~~ Where we are always looking for PURE. ALPHA. MEN!



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