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Take Me Away by S. Moose

Title: Take Me Away
Author: S. Moose
Release Date: April 5, 2015

After breaking up with her long time boyfriend, Jackson DeLacey, eighteen-year-old Zara Borzilleri promises herself to focus on school and play the game she loves. Stepping foot onto the lacrosse field, in front of a cheering crowd, pushes aside the pain and reminds her of the future ahead at least until she graduates in four years.

Lacrosse star Treston 'The King' Parker dominates the field and to everyone else he has it all. Behind closed doors he's just Treston Parker- a monster full of secrets, deep, dark secrets only he knows. He won't allow anyone to get close and for the past two years he's kept his promises to her, but never his last promise: falling in love again.

One weekend he gives in and everything changes when he meets Zara. The rules change and she sees Treston for who he truly is, not what everyone else sees. But to Treston, meeting Zara means nothing, even though her blue eyes invades his mind.

We can be friends, but don't ask about my past or where I go.

He draws the lines.
She erases his lines.

Can Zara help Treston escape his painful past before he sinks deeper into oblivion?



I once knew what love was. It was the best feeling, knowing someone cared about you and you cared about them. Then again, love can be taken away from you like that. In the blink of an eye, your whole life changes. Some people can survive, but not me. You don’t survive the heartbreak I’ve been through. You can’t. The way she made me feel, the way she kissed me and lit my body aflame, no other woman could do that. Nothing would ever be okay and since the day I lost her, I’ve been on auto pilot. I go through the motions of school, the game I love, home, parties and errands, but nothing feels real anymore.
Though talking to and hanging out with Zara is okay for me. She’s not someone I want to avoid.

S.Moose is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, living in Webster, NY with her family, friends, and shorkie, Charlie.

A 2011 St. John Fisher graduate, S.Moose loves to read and write. She enjoys getting lost in the fictional world and creating a place where readers can fall in love and swoon over the cute boys she brings to life. When she isn't in her room in front of her computer or a book, she is with her family and friends being silly and enjoying life. She's romantic at heart and loves anything with a happily ever after.

S.Moose loves connecting with her readers! Be sure to visit her.


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“With one look he stole my breath.  With one touch he woke me up.  With one kiss he stole my heart.  With the nights of passion that led to morning he stole my body.  With three little words I love you, he stole my soul.  With one name, Emily, he broke me.”

Emotional ride from the beginning.  It’s beautifully written, the characters have serious depth and you can’t put the book down.

After Treston loses his girlfriend Beth, he decides he no longer wants to know what love is.  He’s set a few rules in order to be around him.  1. He doesn’t kiss, the girls lips can be anywhere on his body but not his lips, 2. The girls will ever come to his room, 3. Don’t ever ask about his past, and 4. He won’t touch, sleep or return any sexual favor to the girl in any way.  And he follows those rules to the tee.  Treston is also the star of the college lacrosse team, which means he’s the king of campus and boy does he know it.  Zara bored with her relationship, dumps her boyfriend and decides she’s ready to move on.  She meets Treston and his womanizing ways seem to fall to the wayside.  Will his guard finally fall down and will he finally let Zara be the “one”.  I really loved this book, I fell in love with Treston, even though he was a complete jerk most of the time.  And Zara was such a great complement to his character.  I love S. Moose and she definitely didn’t disappoint with this book.

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