Saturday, November 28, 2015

Legal Briefs by Kyan Christopher

Author Name: Kyan Christopher

Book Name: Legal Briefs
Series: Bathhouse Stories
Book: Three
Book three can be read as a standalone, though characters from the first two do show up. Read books one and two for more information on them.

Release Date: November 28, 2015
Josh works hard. Between school and an internship at an investment firm, he has little time and even less funds for an adventurous lifestyle. When a friend buys him a membership to a bathhouse, he encounters his knight in shining armor. But when his regular hookup seems to be too good to be true, suspicions and lies may end the relationship before it even starts.

Kimball’s law firm sends him to New Orleans to expand their Dallas law firm into the Crescent City. Deciding to have a little pleasure while in town for business, Kimball falls for a younger guy that he wants to spend time with. But living his life with secrets may prove to be his undoing, and moving to New Orleans to live out his happily-ever-after may become a distant dream.
Pages or Words: 186 pages

Categories: Contemporary, Erotica, Fiction, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance, Romance

Excerpt: Kimball
“Mmmm, Greg. How did you know what I needed tonight?” I’m practically purring in anticipation.
“I saw you working late, thought you might need a hand.”
“Please tell me I can get more than a hand.” I reach back behind him, and the palms of my hands push onto his ass, pulling his cock closer to me.
“You want my cock?” Greg reaches around and pulls on my tie, loosening it from around my neck.
“Yes.” I breathe out.
“Yes, what?” His tone becomes demanding and my nerves stir with electricity.
“Yes, sir.”
“Good boy. You know I like it when you’re a good boy.”
“Yes, sir. I try to be good.”
Greg slips off my tie and wraps it around my eyes, obscuring my view of the world around me. He steps back and I hear the squeak of my leather chair, indicating he’s taken a seated position. 
I stand there, motionless. My body is reacting to the expectancy of his orders as waves of pleasure begin coursing through my body, causing my cock to rise.
“Take off your shirt.” His voice is rough and demanding.
I pop open the first button under my neck, un-tuck my shirt from my pants, and reach behind me to pull it off.
I freeze.
“Take it off correctly. You don’t want me angry do you?” The strength in his voice has me quivering.
“No. Um, no, sir.” I slowly loosen each button, exposing my hard body underneath the fibers that kept me hidden. I let the shirt slide off my arms and glide to the floor.

Meet the author:
Kyan Christopher was born and raised in Louisiana. A southern boy who loves the city, he is a romantic at heart. Never thinking he would become an author, a fan fiction piece he wrote inspired a series that launched his desire to weave tales of passion and romance. Kyan is supported by his loving partner of 15 years. They live in the South with their three four-legged kids.

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Where to find the author:

Publisher: Surrendered Press

Cover Artist: Kris Kendall

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